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True or False?

 Children who are not abused, directly, are not affected by domestic violence.



Witnessing Domestic Violence in the home has a significant impact on children’s emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development – even if they are not directly abused.

How DVCCC Can Help:

DVCCC is dedicated to providing a safe, rich, environment for domestic violence survivors and their dependent children. It is our goal to assure the future of these children will not be clouded by the violence which occurred in their past.


The DVCCC Children's Program provides individual and group counseling, along with recreational activities. The focus is to provide a space the children can feel safe to explore feelings that effect daily living and regain a sense of safety and acceptance.


Some topics commonly addressed in counseling sessions with children include:


  • Adjusting to change: transition into a new environment, new family dynamics, etc.

  • Identifying, labelling, and appropriately expressing emotions

  • Self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence, & self-worth

  • Respecting others: healthy relationships and friendships

  • Dealing with bullies & problem-solving during conflict

  • Health & Safety

  • Goals, choices, and consequences

  • Identifying and utilizing appropriate coping skills



Children’s Support Groups

In conjunction with the adult support group (on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm), there is also a children’s group held. This group provides a multidisciplinary approach to counseling, encouraging participation in a variety of activities to empower children to communicate with and support one another, while introducing them to various healthy coping skills. Examples of activities and guests include:


  • Arts & Crafts with educated mentors

  • Music therapy and musical exploration

  • Healthy recipe cooking activities

  • Yoga with certified instructors

  • Mindfulness activities

  • Visits from certified therapy animals

  • Writing and literacy

  • Team-building exercises

  • Safety planning with local law enforcement officers

  • And many more!


In addition to the direct work with the children, the DVCCC Children's Program also works with the parents in our Shelter, Transitional Housing, and Counseling programs to assist them in addressing their children's emotional needs. Some examples include helping parents with understanding children's reactions to abuse, non-violent disciplinary techniques, understanding child development, referring parents and children to schools and social service agencies as appropriate.


If you would like more information about this or any of our programs, please call our office at 610-431-3546 and use option “1” for counseling & housing.

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