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The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC) began as the YWCA Women's Resource Center (WRC), serving as an information and referral service for Chester County women.


At that time, there were no organizations in the area to which victims of domestic violence could be referred. As more and more women began reaching out to the WRC for help escaping their abusive situations, the directors took it upon themselves to make those services available.


They reorganized the WRC as the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County in 1976 with this mission: 

Provide intervention, programs, outreach, and advocacy to prevent, reduce, and remedy domestic violence in Chester County.

Forty-five years later, DVCCC is the only organization in Chester County contracted by the PA Department of Human Services and the PCADV to provide services solely to victims of domestic violence and their dependent children.

Help us recognize this milestone year:

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We are publishing a bi-monthly blog featuring staff, board members, volunteers, and community partners. Learn more about domestic violence and what we are doing to combat it in Chester County. 

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