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As you look at our website, you will notice we use the term "survivor" rather than "victim" to refer to individuals subjected to domestic violence. This is a conscious decision, taken to focus on strength and courage rather than victimization.



The mission of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County is to reduce, remedy, and prevent domestic violence in Chester County.


DVCCC began as the YWCA Women’s Resource Center (WRC) to serve as an information and referral service for Chester County women.  Once this service became known, it started receiving a flood of calls from women in situations of violence.  The directors of WRC, finding no organization in the area to which the victims could be referred, reorganized the agency as the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, focusing on domestic violence intervention and prevention.  Since we opened our doors, we have served more than 40,000 victims of domestic abuse, averaging over 3,000 survivors and their dependent children each year.


DVCCC is committed to empowering survivors of domestic abuse through providing information and supporting them as they reclaim their lives. DVCCC provides services at our main, confidentially located site and satellite sites in Coatesville, Kennett Square, Oxford, and Phoenixville. Services are available in English and Spanish.

All our services are free and confidential.

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